Professional Supervision for interpreters

You mean there’s more to interpreting than just the language skills?!


That was one of my ‘penny-drop’ realisations, the less I became a “baby ‘terp” and got some experience under my belt.

The more you get past the “what’s the sign/word for” and the deeper down the interpreting rabbit hole you go – the more you find it’s the ethical dilemmas, the people ‘bits’ and the 50 Shades of Grey complications (not black and white options) that dominate your disquiet with your work.

“It depends” only gets you so far in the real world. And if you’re lucky to have a colleague you see regularly, chatting things through with them might let off some steam for a bit, but then you’re back in exactly the same situation next time around.

“Just grow a thick skin” – was something I was told repeatedly by trainers, clients and more experienced interpreters. Now, the easily slipped-down path of compassion fatigue and burnout is becoming much more understood for the interpreting profession.

This is not a one-size-fits all solution that can be taught in a one-off CPD afternoon. Regular professional supervision sessions give you the time and space to learning your tools and techniques to be able to take on whatever challenges that interpreting throws at you.

Curious? Work with me 1-to-1 and you get:

A toolkit of personalised coping strategies - so you can handle the tricky spots more easily.

To deeply understand what drives your work - meaning you can do an even better job.

Growing resilience - you're more able to ride the troughs and celebrate the peaks.

To learn how to spot niggles earlier, so the molehills don't become mountains.

More certainty and comfort with your decision making.

To maintain your love of interpreting and sustain your career, for as long as you want.


"I had reservations about supervision - of being 'found out'; not good enough etc - which you helped me realise were imposter syndrome."


"Supervision was a very scary prospect for me and I was nervous of potential judgement. Thankfully for me Hannah was very sensitive to those feelings and never dismissed them. Talking through how certain bookings have affected me is making me a better interpreter. I have been recommending supervision generally to all my coworkers and would definitely specifically recommend Hannah."


How we work together:

We meet either in person at my office space in the middle of the gorgeous South Downs (West Sussex, UK) or via video-call online.

Professional supervision - sessions are for at least an hour, usually once a month.

1 : 1 dedicated time

CPD points


It's really easy to get started. Click below to book either a free intro call or drop me a line via my contact page.

Can't wait to speak to you!


But I've been fine this far, why would I need to talk about my work?

Trying to see it all for yourself, is impossible. As humans there are bits about us, and our reactions to situations, which are just too uncomfortable or painful for us to go near on our own.

As your supervisor, I can gently help you explore these, as I’m not in the circumstances with you.

This is why I have my own supervision, too.

I'm not sure I can afford to take the time out of work.

If it's a money thing? Especially if you're self-employed, losing income and paying me can feel scary. But think how much it would cost you in lost income (and lost reputation), if you struggle to keep yourself fit for work, on all fronts.

You also get CPD points for our sessions.

If it's a time thing? I offer sessions via video-call, as well as in person (in West Sussex, UK), meaning appointments can be slotted in around your work patterns.

But what do I talk about/bring to sessions?

Anything about your work that's been niggling at you, bothering you, frustrating you, stressing you out, leaving you feeling like you want to punch a wall and/or eat the entire carton of Ben and Jerry's straight from the tub! Nothing is "too small" for us to look at and neither is anything too big, too scary or too shocking for me to explore with you. If it's affecting your work - bring it to session.

But at the same time, don't feel like it's only a place of/time for doom and gloom. Often it's easier to pick up the negatives. So we also work with what's going well for you and how you might see more of that happening for you at work.

But I talk to my colleagues, isn’t that enough?

As colleagues, we really want to help each other out - which actually makes it harder for your colleague to be obejctive and truly helpful.

Being one step removed limits this for me, so I can explore all angles with you.

Added bonus - you don’t need to feel guilty for chewing my ear off! As that’s what I’m here for.

Ready to avoid the compassion fatigue and burnout that leads to interpreters quitting the profession?

I want you to be as much in love with interpreting, as the day you first set out – however far into the future you want to go. Let’s get you armed with the wisdom, tool kit and knowledge to make this your lasting reality.

In less time than a tea break, pin point exactly how to start slaying your Stress Gremlins.