The number one thing holding entrepreneurs back? Themselves!

(Psst - it's not your fault!)

I help for emotionally-sensitive entrepreneurs get unstuck and move forward, in just one hour.

Recognise some of these?

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    You've been trying to get your new product into the world, but when it comes to writing the copy, you find yourself playing candy crush saga yet again - frustrated, but promising yourself you will get started in a minute!

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    Or maybe you're stuck in decision lock. Too many in front of you and all the doubt, confusion and uncertainty keeps running round your mind - am I making the right call?!?

Running your own biz, making all the decisions and needing to know all the strategy under the sun is a tough gig! And at the centre of it all is you - squishy, overwhelmed human You. So many of the strategies I see for biz owners, don't seem to take into account the fact we're only human, let alone if you're emotionally sensitive (like I am).

Action is needed, absolutely. But when you find yourself hitting the same brick wall of a pattern, over and over again - that's your human-ness coming into play! And this isn't something we can easily solve on our own. We're just too close to our own stuff you see.

And even for me, being quite self-aware these days, there are blocks and difficulties that I struggle to see on my own; there's that human-ness again, we don't do well with discomfort.

So rather than staying lost in the woods or giving yourself a headache against that brick wall - let me help you do something about it!

"I would recommend working with Hannah, because this very simple meditation helped me to uncover some hidden issues that were not allowing me to move forward. I am now more clear about decision making, trusting that I can make good decisions."

Taina O. - Community Manager and Coach

Introducing the Block Buster Power Hour - as it says on the tin, one hour with me to bust something you've been banging your head against.

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Perfect for stuck entrepreneurs, who seem to be hitting the same issue over and over again and no matter what you've tried so far, just can't seem to get past it.

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    After our hour together, you will know what has been holding you back and how to handle this differently, moving forward.

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    You will come away with new insights and clarity, meaning you can move past your block.

In case you don’t know me – I’m Hannah, The Elemental Development Guide™. Having worked with people for over a decade (first as a Sign Language Interpreter, then also as a Professional Supervisor and Coach), I’ve been an inadvertent entrepreneur the entire time.

What that intro fails to show is the 20 year rollercoaster of depression, anxiety and burnout recovery, which was my journey of personal trial and error to having the confidence, ease and fulfilment I have today.

Now I work with entrepreneurs, so they can the same levels of clarity, flow and focus.


"Yes, I would definitely recommend working with Hannah. Like I said, you are good with creating a safe space for your clients to share their struggles and for them to work through them in a very caring and loving way."

Mamen Roca - SAAMA therapist

In one Power Hour with me you get:
- My zone of genius ability to get to the bottom of what's going on. I've been likened to a heron, diving in for the fish that you can't see straight away, but was absolutely what you needed.
- Taken through one of my most powerful guided mediations, to really dig deep into the cause of your block. If you've never meditated before, I guide you through it step by step, sharing a process I use daily to get myself unstuck and moving forward.
- Next steps to integrate your new insights and learning.

I know what it's like to feel like you're banging your head against a brick wall - so close and yet the same issue keeps holding you back.

I don't want you going round and round in circles and doubting your own sanity, when one hour with me can move mountains. From personal experience, the longer you avoid looking at something, the more it keeps coming up; again and again and again.

So let's save you the time, frustration and literal (or metaphorical) headache, dive deep together and uncover what can bust that block for you.

"I appreciated Hannah’s ability to get right to it. It never felt like she was unsure of what to do, nor did it feel like she was trying to fill the time. She immediately dove into the work which made me feel like she was excited to work with me and very capable. The change I experienced in our session went beyond mental processing - I could really feel the shift and change in my body and energy. I’m grateful for the union of these parts of myself through our visualization practice. Normally, I’m skeptical of visualization practice (it hasn’t worked for me in the past) so I was blown away.


I would be happy to recommend Hannah to others. I believe she is not only gifted in what she offers, but is also very professional. She was caring without coddling, and I like that."

Emily Rose Duea - Storyteller and Healer

"I feel lighter after we had our session. My fear to speak up has definitely lessened, and it’s easier for me to raise my voice when I disagree with someone. I don’t struggle with making decisions now. I felt very safe, protected and I felt that you were somebody I could trust with my issues. I also loved that I felt free to share my issues without being judged.


I also loved how you held the space for me. And it was actually great to connect with a part of me that I wasn’t aware of. I felt like you really cared about me! And to me, this was important."

Mamen Roca - SAAMA therapist

In less time than a tea break, pin point exactly how to start slaying your Stress Gremlins.