In case you don’t know me yet – I’m Hannah.

Founder of Hannah Watson Development

The Elemental Development Guide™



Having worked with people for over a decade (first as a Sign Language Interpreter / Professional Supervisor and now as a Coach), I’ve been an inadvertent entrepreneur the entire time.

What that intro fails to show is my 20 year rollercoaster of depression, anxiety and burnout recovery. With hindsight now, I can see that I’ve always felt things so very deeply.

Why else would I spend so much time as a kid, curled up in my reading nook (aged 4 – maybe younger), crying over countless books? Escaping into other worlds, formed with gorgeous, beautiful, brilliant words; riding the characters’ journeys with them.

Books were my best companion at school, too – escaping all the hurly-burly of the noisy playground. I’d much rather be in the library, where it’s nice and quiet. Also, fictional characters didn’t pretend to be my friend, then pick a tiny Hannah up and put her upside down in a bin. Fictional characters didn’t sing taunting chants, like; “We want Wotsit handing down, from a treetop out of town” or later on call me “Gremlin”, ‘cause they’re secretly jealous of my school success.

Reading was one of my many distractions, from the growing presence of anxiety and depression, the further up the school ladder I climbed.

Not that I was aware of this at the time!

My lack of knowledge, tools and experience to manage the heady heights and devastating depths I ride of my emotions, meant for my tween-years through to mid-adulthood, doing well was my drug of choice. A deep-seated drive to do oh-so-well at anything I tried to put my hand to and to keep everyone around me happy, which led to such internal pressure and severe shame when I couldn’t live up to my own high expectations!

No wonder living away from home for the first time, going to University and then moving down to London for work was the perfect storm of conditions for the blackness of depression to dig its hold into me, even further.

By now the blackness had been drowning out all colours for over a decade, when the term ‘depression’ is first mentioned to me. I am forever grateful to that duty doctor, who when giving me a prescription for the antibiotics I needed, asked me how I was - “Tearful all the time. Can’t do anything. It hurts.”

This triggered my journey of trial and error to having the tools and knowledge to develop and maintain the confidence, ease and fulfilment I have today.  When I learned how to balance my actions (the right sort of doing), manage my feelings and have the right kind of thinking – this changed everything for me.

Now I can bust through my blocks, pull myself out of any rut and confidently take all the success actions I need - but not from a place of stress, anxiety or hustle.

I wouldn’t wish that journey of trial and error on my worst enemy (no – really!).
But I now know I had to experience it all, to now be able to support others in their biz journeys.

I want the same levels of clarity, flow and focus for you, too.

When you know exactly how to tackle any block, struggle or stress that rears it's head in your biz - that's when your success is guaranteed.
And it's not always the same way of dealing with your difficulties that gets you your wins.
I support emotionally-sensitive entrepreneurs to succeed with ease, without having to ride the emotional roller-coaster all the time!  

"Hannah asked the right questions and most importantly, listened. You gave me the ability to understand myself so much better and I think you helped me like myself more, if I am honest."


In less time than a tea break, pin point exactly how to start slaying your Stress Gremlins.