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Coaching you to become your own secret weapon - able to bust through any of your biz blocks and have all the success, earnings and impact you crave.

Hi, I'm Hannah - The Elemental Development Guide™

I empower anxious and emotionally-frazzled entrepreneurs to be calm, confident, clear, certain and courageous in running their successful online business, through my Heart-Light; Soul-Ease™ method.

Here's how I can help you:

Elemental Development Coaching

To help entrepreneurs have the clarity and focus to always enjoy their biz.


"I would be happy to recommend Hannah to others. I believe she is not only gifted in what she offers, but is also very professional.

She was caring without coddling, and I like that."

Emily Rose Duea - Storyteller and Healer

"I came to Hannah, as I had doubts about whether to keep going with my business partner or was I scared to proceed further into the partnership because of my pattern of pulling away from things due to fear of whatever kind. I wanted a clue about whether the signals I was getting were warning bells or was it just me, trying to escape once more because of my fear to fail, or maybe my fear of success!!

Well, as it turned out, less than a week after our session, my partner and I decided to call it a day and go our separate ways.

It was all very peaceful and we both agreed that we weren’t sharing a vision for our business. We just thought we worked well together (which I still believe we do). We just didn’t want the same thing at this time.

And it was so huge for me to be able to make that decision!!!!!"

Mamen Roca - SAAMA therapist

"Hannah has helped me improve my work/life balance. I am more aware of my values and am now better able to face conflict."


"I wasn’t sure why but the thought of actually doing a deep dive into how I had been working sent me into a bit of a panic. I was sure I would some how be doing it wrong. Although I am still new to working with Hannah, I am already seeing many benefits. I can see changes right down to the types of bookings I accept now. It’s making me a happier interpreter through working in domains and with clients I am well suited to."


In less time than a tea break, pin point exactly how to start slaying your Stress Gremlins.